Connekt, LLC is announcing the release of its Motor Control System and wireless handheld device that makes Axis Concepts/Apollo Opening Roof System extremely intuitive. Designed jointly with QA Direct, a full service Manufacturing Company, the new Motor Control System combines the latest in design and technology.

The Motor Control System is packaged neatly in a NEMA weather proof enclosure that has a IP67 rating.  Designed and manufactured for Axis Concepts Inc., an industry leader in the custom exterior adjustable roof systems, the Apollo Opening Roof is a unique system that provides protection from the rain, while allowing the flexibility of variable shading and light. Please visit for more information.

“The new level of seamless integration of Connekt, LLC’s Motor Control System with our Apollo Roof System brings added value to our customers”, says Axis Concepts President and CEO, George Peterson. “This makes our Apollo Roof System fully automated and interactive with seasonal weather changes by detecting rain, sunlight, cold or warm temperatures that our customers can configure from anywhere."


"We're extremely excited about providing Axis Concepts with the new advanced Motor Control System that is built to last a lifetime.” says Scott Raitt, CEO of Connekt, LLC. “This new product allows Axis Concept users to easily adjust their outdoor living space for their ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment. Through our ability to work with Axis Concepts and QA Direct, we’ve proved to be highly successful in meeting combined shared aims and outcomes in building best-In-Class products.”