Connekt, LLC is now offering rapid prototyping as a featured service to our clients Worldwide.

Rapid Prototyping is often used to describe the process of turning a 3D CAD design into a real tangible part. Rapid prototyping technologies are frequently used towards the beginning of the product development lifecycle to create prototypes or parts used to test and verify designs before full-blown production begins. 


We utilize a network of highly qualified partners, to be a leading provider of rapid prototyping solutions. Our highly qualified Global resources allow us to handle projects of any size and complexity, including those requiring management of multiple processes and secondary operations. Processes we commonly utilize include CNC milled metal and plastic, Cast HDPE, Urethane and a long list of other elastomeric materials in a wide variety of durometers, wire forming, Printed Circuit Boards, electronic assembly,  sheet metal formed and stamped parts as well as 3D printing.