Engineering is the methodology of mathematical operations with methods, creative application, innovative designs, constructive & destructive methods, structural maintenance of the machine, material, system information of a device, construction, and organization. Engineering is a branch of science & Technology with structural designing of a machine.

There is the various branch of Engineering, but now we talk about specific two engineering, one is metal sheet engineering & the other one is software engineering.

Let's have a brief look about both of them.

Metal Sheet Engineering- To build a mechanical structure of the machine, according to the following design, a sheet of metal is very much important. The following sheet metal is made by lathe machine or CNC machine. It is a very complex process defining with other professions. Such as software engineering, hardware engineering, electronics engineering.

Now talk about sheet metal. Sheet metal is formed by some complex industrial process, It is a fundamental form of metalworking with a variety of shapes. Thicknesses can fluctuate altogether; very thin sheets are thought about thwart or leaf, and pieces thicker than 6 mm (0.25 in) are considered plate steel sheet or "basic steel sheet." Sheet metal is accessible in level pieces or wound strips. The curls are framed by running a nonstop sheet of metal through a roll slitter. In the greater part of the world, sheet metal thickness is reliably determined in millimeters. In the US, the thickness of sheet metal is generally indicated by a customer, non-direct measure known as its check. The bigger the measure number, the more slender the metal. Ordinarily utilized steel sheet metal extends from 30 checks to around 7 measure. Check varies between ferrous (press based) metals and nonferrous metals, for example, aluminum or copper; copper thickness, for instance, is estimated in ounces, which speaks to the heaviness of copper contained in a territory of one square foot. Parts fabricated from sheet metal must keep up a uniform thickness for perfect outcomes.

Now come to software engineering, let's have a look at software engineering.

Software Engineering- Software engineering is a branch of engineering for the sake of developing software in a systematic way. Software engineering is the utilization of logical and innovative learning, strategies, and experience to the plan, usage, testing, and documentation of programming. Computer programming, or basic coding, is a non-specific term that alludes to a gathering of information or computer or machine directions that advise the computer or machine how to function, rather than the physical equipment from which the framework is assembled, that really plays out the work.  building discipline that is worried about all parts of programming generation. So what is programming? A computer program is an arrangement of directions for achieving an assignment intended to understand a particular program. Every guideline of a program is intended to be executed by a computer & machine; with the end goal for computer or machine ’s to work, they require to have the capacity to execute programs.

Software engineering is a process, by which we can analyze your basic need of designing, testing or executable constructive ideas for satisfying a customer’s need by the use of various programming languages.  Basically, software engineering is the application of principals for the sake of software development.