"Scott Raitt of Connekt, LLC has worked with DRL’s design team over the past year.  He has helped bring visions to life and is a tremendous asset with mechanical prototypes and innovative design. The combination of DRL's design and Connekt's modeling skills has helped the team in many facets.

~ Ryan Gury, Director of Product Development, DRL, New York


  "We have done business with Connekt, LLC for the last three years, possibly four and have been very pleased that Scott Raitt has diligently applied himself to provide undeniable excellent services for us; for that, we are very grateful".   

Maria S. Rama Technologies, Cameron Park, CA


  "Scott at Connekt, LLC is amazing!  His work is always excellent, on time, and within the budget.  I highly recommend Connekt, LLC for any of you projet design needs". 

~ Mike S.  San Luis Obispo, CA  


  "We have worked with Scott on several projects over the last 2 years and have been extremely happy with his quality of work, attention to details, and speedy turnaround times.  His knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes, and design creativity has been invaluable." 

~ Cullen M.
    RockTape Company, San Jose CA

  "We cannot quantify the value of calling Scott Raitt at Connekt LLC to turn our Pro Brewers Siphon dream into a reality.  He was extremely professional and fun to work with in every stage of development from our initial meeting, through prototyping all the way to receiving first articles from our manufacturer. He cared for our project like it was his own and was instrumental in securing the best pricing for our product! Calling Scott will be one of the best choices you make, hands down!  And I mean every word brother, you're the best my good man!"

~ Anthony Schoensee & Justine Coyle, Owners of Sierra Moonshine,
    Grass Valley, CA

   "I had hit a wall on my design and production of my electric bear mat. Once I found Scott with Connekt, LLC, all of this changed. He quickly came out with a new design that streamlined the appearance and production of my very unique product. Scott connected me with business's overseas and locally to create my product in a professional and affordable way. He also cut my production time in half, created a more effective product and best of all my production cost is the same as before."

~ Ryan Welch, President, Bear Busters, Lake Tahoe, NV 

  "Scott was the perfect man for our job. He is a creative, hard-working and a trustworthy Engineer. Before we found Scott, we used another Engineer that was exactly the opposite, and we wasted thousands of dollars and too much of our time, with nothing useful to show for it. Scott’s design was exceptional and with his network of Companies, delivered a very reasonable prototype, tooling, and assembly quotes. I highly recommend Scott. He definitely exceeded our expectations with everything."

~ Dr. Gregg Anderson, President, Bray International, Inc., Sacramento, CA


  "Scott demonstrates high professionalism in both his work and attitude in the project. He answered all our queries, and always reply to us promptly. If you are like us who lack the knowledge and need someone who is trustworthy who can assist you in your project, Scott is definitely the one to go to. He will not just go silent on you or just brush you off by avoiding your queries. Communication is perfect. In fact, from him, we learned how some requests seemed small to us but will take hours to do. Very good education for us too, to understand the work involved. 101% highly recommended! Extremely reliable! Will hire again."

~ Derrick Linyh, Singapore 

  "It is hard to find knowledgeable CAD experts that are easy to work with.  Connekt, LLC was exactly that, very competent and helpful.  I will work with them again in the future.  Thanks for the great work!" 

~ Dustin Scott, Frankfurt, Germany


  "Excellent to work with.  Great communication, super responsive, knowledgeable and quick turn around.  We expect to continue working together on several more projects."

~ P. Baron, Ontario, Canada

  "Connekt, LLC is very experienced in writing specifications for product creation and manufacturing.  I have full confidence in their ability to meet my product requirements.  I highly recommend them to others and will definitely use them for the next phase of this project."

~ Larry Ellison, Fairfield, CA 


  "We could not be any happier with the work performed.  Their knowledge of design and manufacturing methods helped us to improve our designs.  They went above and beyond what we had hoped for.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for CAD design and help with injection molding parts."

~ S.Verona, CEO of Zenacon, LLC, Miami Beach, FL

 "Connekt, LLC took this project from concept to getting a quote for a physical prototype.  Exactly what I needed.  Will definitely use Connekt, LLC again."

~ Simcha Kanter, Chicago, IL


  "Working with Connek, LLC was a great experience! We were so impressed with the quick turnaround times and how well all of our requests were integrated. Very easy to work with. Planning on hiring the company again in the very near future!"

~ Live Right, USA

  “I asked Connekt, LLC to do a glass product for me. Scott's final design and glass product for me was more than I expected. The design was so amazing, sleek, cool looking. I absolutely loved it!  He is an expert at listening to what you want and creating what you need and then adds his opinion to the design to make it better than you can imagine it in your head. If you are wondering whom to pick for your design and CAD, you will NOT go wrong with Scott. I really feel I got lucky picking Scott. And I highly recommend him for your work. Amazing, highly responsive and fun to work with.  He's a great partner to have in your venture!"

~ Dorothy Zelent, Pennsylvania

  “I am so glad I found Scott! He is not only very skilled and competent in the field of Engineering and Manufacturing, he is responsive and eager to do a great job. Scott was very proactive and was very open to talking to other team members working on the project to get their perspective. He was able to get up to speed on the project and provide me with CAD files of parts to manufacture within a couple of days. Scott also worked with his contacts to obtain bids for manufacturing and presented me with several options from companies he has done business with in the past. Being new to the world of manufacturing, this was very helpful to me. I will definitely continue to work with Scott on this project and others. I highly recommend him, especially if you are looking at manufacturing injection molded parts-this seems to be his specialty."

~ Kristen Alvarez, Owner/Founder/CEO, Terra Streuna Outfitters, LLC, Cincinnati, OH


  "I came to Scott with a prototype in hand, a few design tweaks in mind and with the need for drawings suitable to put my project out to bid.  In spite of the fact my project was quite small, Scott took it on with enthusiasm and professionalism.  He listened carefully to the design changes I desired and came up with simple, cost effective solutions.  Subsequent to completing the necessary drawing, Scott put my project out to bid to more than a dozen manufacturers both foreign and domestic from whom I chose one I have successfully worked with ever since.  I would recommend Scott Raitt and his company, Connekt, LLC to anyone in need of a full-service mechanical engineering company."

~ Rosanna Radding, Owner, One Hand Can, LLC, Grass Valley, CA


  "Scott and I have known each other for over ten years and been involved in many successful projects. Recently, Scott broke away from his old job and started his own Company. He immediately contacted me and since then we have collaborated on several very challenging and rewarding projects. Two of those projects are now in production. He brings a solid understanding of injection molding that helps facilitate the design process. I look forward to working with Scott on many new projects in the near future."  

~ Eric Jensen, Vice President, PlasTech, Inc., Corvallis, OR

  "I consider Scott to be a strategic development partner who has proven to be extremely innovative in problem-solving, very thorough in project management and reliable in schedule and time commitments. Scott consistently met or exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to collaborating on future projects together".

~ Dr. Matti Palo, MD, Palo Medical, LLC, Covington, LA 


  "Scott is a real pleasure to work with. We have collaborated on several very successful projects over the past fifteen years in the Medical and Commercial Electronics field. He excels at being a multi-tasked and multi-faceted Senior Mechanical Engineer, often jumping from one hot spot to another without missing a beat. I would be proud to work with Scott on any project he may be associated with."

~ Brian Johnson, BJ Designs, Mammoth Lakes, CA

   "I have had the pleasure of working with Scott on several projects over the years. He is a highly motivated leader with a clear sense of direction. These attributes, coupled with his strong technical aptitude in an array of different disciplines make it clear why Connect, LLC has an extremely bright future."

~ Skip Hembree, Principal, Precision Consulting, Inc., Portland, OR


   "I have worked with Scott Raitt for over 15 years. His design work combines creativity and innovation with sound engineering discipline, resulting in products that are both elegant and cost effective."

~ Chuck Konner, General Manager, Serra Corp., Nevada City, CA

   “I’ve worked with Scott on a number of projects over the last couple of years starting when he was with Grass Valley and subsequent to that.  Scott asked me to help him prototype a number of fixtures he designed as well as modify some production parts during the prototype stage.  I’ve found Scott to be very knowledgeable about designing injection molded plastic parts and sheet metal parts and assemblies.  He also has a lot of experience in ANSI Y14.5 standards regarding production drawings.  Scott’s knowledge of tolerancing was useful during the manufacturing phase of several fixtures I worked with him to build.  Scott is easy to work with and collaborates well with all functional groups in a company.  I would highly recommend him for any type of mechanical design project."

~ Rick Van Rensselaer, Owner, River Design and Manufacturing, Auburn, CA 


  "Over the past 25 years, I've had the occasion to work with many engineers while launching over 600 products, in various technologies, to the market. Scott has been a tremendous asset while assisting us in the developing cost-effective quality products on time and on the budget. We are looking forward to working with him on many new projects in the near future." 

~ Nicholas Webb, Partner, Lassen Scientific, Inc., Redding, CA







"I have had the pleasure of working with Scott for the last 7 years at Grass Valley on several projects that have had great results and usually with cost savings involved. Scott is not satisfied until he understands the problem and has reviewed all the possible solutions. He has the ability to use his creative talents and knowledge of his mechanical tools and programs to implement practical solutions to complex problems in many broadcast products that needed a new design or some that needed a fix to an existing problem designed by others. Scott's achievements have been impressive over the years on small projects to the largest most complex switcher issues with attention to details and proven results. I give my stongest recommendation for any mechanical role for Scott to work on a team or lead the team."

~Gil Mazzi, Production Validation Engineer, Grass Valley, CA